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Your health and your families’ health are top priorities. My articles have straight-forward information about many health topics including what to eat, healing injuries and dealing with a medical diagnosis.

Artificial Sweeteners

Pink packets, blue packets and yellow packets. You see them everywhere — from restaurants to grocery shelves. No matter what the color or the brand name, they all have one thin in common — they're artificial sweeteners. More


It might be time to put away those over-the-counter anti-iflammatory medicines! A new therapy may improve your condition without pills. More

Physical Therapy

At 21, Colby Helffrich was a typical college student. Then an accident on March 26, 2009 changed his life. "I was struck as a pedestrian by a train," he says. More


Kids and teens with ADHD may struggle in school but they can thrive if parents and teachers help them stay focused. More


If you wake up with stiff hands and feet every morning, you may be one of the 1.3 million American adults who have chronic inflammation and joint swelling from rheumatoid arthritis. More

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