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From bruised knees to temper tantrums, being a parent is a full time job. Adding more stress? These days there’s so much to worry about from dangerous toys to doling out the right discipline. I want to help parents get informed so they can confidently make the right decisions.

Early Education

Children might want to spend hours on one activity or toy, but child development experts say moderation matters since kids need to learn how to pay attention, finish a project, and make good decisions. More

Challenged Athletes

Brendan Driscoll was born with a tibia and a fibula that did not develop; his lower left leg was amputated before he started kindergarten. While he could use a prosthetic leg to walk, his heart was set on running. More

Toy Recalls

The holidays are here and toy shoppers need to be careful about their purchases. Lead paint and dangerous materials can be found in many kids' toys, as the California Attorney General's office has found. More

Toxic Toy?

In a recent story, the 10News I-Team reported on a children's toy that contains dangerous chemicals. Balloon blowing kits are sold under a variety of names including B'loonies, Bubbles Plastic and Bubble Balloons. More

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