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Real Estate

From the housing boom to the housing bust, owners and renters have seen it all. I’ve covered a lot of real estate stories in the past few years and have learned a lot along the way about mortgage and rental scams and how to avoid becoming a victim.

Craigslist Rental Scam

In a sour economy, the promise of quick money can be too tempting for some people like Alexander Braslavsky, 34, of Irvine and Anthony Marshall, 38, of Mission Viejo, who were arrested last week for renting out Carlsbad homes they didn't own. The two took security deposits from would-be renters for vacant homes in foreclosure. More

Rent San Diego

The housing market is tight and renters often need help finding a place. San Diego renters told the I-Team they wanted help finding available properties. But after paying money for the help, they said they didn't get much help at all. More

Mortgage Fraud

Lately the I-Team has been tracking lots of real estate fraud. It's a sign of the times and we're on the pulse of the problem. Two reports this week have highlighted the major issues: loan fraud and loan modification. The FBI recently declared California as the number one state for mortgage fraud. More

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